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it is amino based biostimulent. It is animal extract. It containts 8-10% nitrogen in the form of amino acid. It increses the number of flowers with controlling the dropping.it is the best organic based tonic.


Power Boost

Power boost is a biostimulent based on essential amino acid, nitrogen & potassium with green seewead to be used as a plant supplement to improve the biochemical and physiological functions of the plant cells so as to improve the plant healthand result in overall improvement in yields.



Animal and Vegetable extract.

Recall is Biotechnologically innovative research product. This Unique Formula developed by mixing of different Seaweed extracts products in scientifically control conditions to give you the better output. Recall helps and promotes plant growth. Recall enables the full utilization of all physiological and bio-chemical reserves of the plant. Recall increases the absorption of essential elements from the soil. Recall helps in protecting the plant against environmental stress. Recall promotes white root, branches, flowering & reduces the flower drop. Recall increases the colour, size, luster, taste and yield of the produce.

Direction for Use : Shake the bottle well before opening. Mix recommended quantity of Recall in small quantity of water and Stir well Mix this solution in sufficient quantity of water to achive required coverage. Recall can be mixed with most of pesticides, Foliar Fertilizers except which highly alkaline(sulphur) in nature Do not use with growth retardants and herbicides.

GNP Humic

GNP Humic

Humic Acid 12% w/w

GNP Humic is a liquid concentrate containing 12% Sodium-Potassium Humic Acids. It increases root respiration and formation. It increases photosynthesis process in the plant. It makes soil most friable and crumbly. It increases water holding capacity and aeration of soil.

Dosage: 2ml to 3ml per Litre of Water for drip irrigation. Available in: 250ml/500ml/1 ltr/5 ltr/10 ltr/20 ltr/50 ltr.



Balance PH Efficiency

Balance is citric compound mixed with Universal Solvent. This enhances effectiveness of Gibberellic Acid. It improves the yield of crop. It is non-toxic. Only used in agriculture. It is safe for spraying edible and non-edible portion of the crop. It is applied by spray to cover the foliage and fruits or individual bunches are dipped in the solution. It reduces the quantity of GA.

Dosage: 1gm of GA dissolve in 20ltr of Balance Solution to achieve 50ppm GA Solution. Available in: 250ml/500ml/1 ltr/5 ltr/10 ltr/20 ltr/50ltr.



it polysacharide extracted from the shell of crab or shrimp. It is known to be biocompatible, bio-degradable and nontoxic. It improves seed germination ,root development and disease resistance. Kito-g is a natural antimicrobial,antibacterial and antifungal agent for use in agriculture and horticulture.product has no poison ,no residue is left over and fit organic farming and nonpolluting kito-g oligosaccherin can activate plnt and induce plant to produce antiviralsubstance.



Mirbane an advance innovative liquid containing mirbane oil and poteins with trace element taken from vegetable origin .it ios specially flowering booster also fruit boost.it contents sufficient quantity of nutrients it increases maximum no. Of flower and fruit rapidly. It also increases plant canopy.

Wet Gold

Wet Gold

Non-lonic Adjuvant based on a Trisiloane Alkoxylate

It is a technical spreader. It is a SILICON based compound. It is used in all types of spraying. It is added in spray solution. It is TRISILOXANE SURFACTANT which has super spreading force. When mixed with pesticide by certain percentage, it can remarkably increase the pesticide the residual volume, extend the residual time and advance the penetrating power, which is very useful for improving effect, reducing the amount saving the cost and decreasing the pollution to environment. It will be uniformly spread any by agrochemical on the plant leaves, flower, stem and all parts of the crop. It is always helps to get the chemical all over plant by sticking and spreading the agrochemical and by PHOTOSYNTHESIS it is always absorbed by plant. No wastage of agrochemical is absorbed. Once a WETGOLD added in agrochemical, it should be within 24Hrs. presence of SILICON used for the plant growth. Enhance attachment solution to improve the utilization of pesticides. Promoting the synthetic pesticides, penetrability to improve rationally, save time and work. Residue and the loss of pesticides, It is recommended to use in all of spray.

Available in: 20gm/100gm/250gm/500gm/1kg/5kg.



Antimite is a botanical extract suitable for effective management / suppression of hard to kill mites ,scales,mealy bugs and caterpillar,thrips,whitefly,aphids,leafhoppers, plant hoopers etc. Pests on cotton, chillies, paddy, grapes,field horticulture crops,floriculture,vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plant and plantation crops are effectively controlled.

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