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The Science Behind Agriculture


GNP AGROSCIENCES PVT. LTD., an ISO certified company, was established in 2001 with a vision to provide genuine agricultural inputs for the betterment of farmers. The company is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of wide range of Plant Growth Regulators, Plant Food Extracts, Micro Nutrients, Pesticides, Weedicides and Fungicides.

The company had carved a niche for itself by designing products that produce excellent results in the fields which are incomparable. Qualitative approach coupled with dedicated research is used to arrive at the final product at a reasonable cost for the farmers. The company stands for its strong values and hence no compromise is acceptable in the company with respect to its dedication and commitments to its Customers. The company has a proactive approach to technology and hence boasts of sophisticated machines both in production and research.

The self belief on own products is very strong in the company and hence even marketing team starts off by giving a product demonstration and live trial at the farmers location on various crops throughout the year. The results gained by the farmers are evident easily and hence the brand loyalty builds up immediately.

The research and development team works in a systematic and scientific manner during the process of product development and improvement to enable the farmer to extract maximum benefits based on science and not just wishlists or hearsay or false claims. All our claims are backed by laboratory trials and on-field trials carried out consistently on various crops at different locations all the year round.

The company diligently follows the pre-requisites and necessary compliances as per the law in force at both the State and Central Government level in all functions such as R & D, Production, Storage and Distribution.

For the Export market the company assures related compliance of pre-requisites in the target countries to its potential partners / customers in the foreign lands.

Why Us

High grade, quality products

Technical and scientific backbone in research and technical support to farmers

Advanced and latest technology in place in the factory

No compromise on product quality and client satisfaction

Reasonable prices without any compromise on results to the farmers

Big product portfolio

Spacious Warehousing facilities

Plant capacity of upto 500 KL per month without any stress on the production system

Proven history of excellent results on various crops in different regions


CIN: U24129MH2001PTC131187

Company ECC No.:AACCG9333RXM001

Company VAT TIN:27580090130V

Company IEC No.: 3110000105

Customer Care No.:+91 942 140 9927

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