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Humic acid 98% Water Soluble Powder

It contents HUMIC ACID 85.0%. For growth of any type of the plant is required HUMUS, for METABOLISM, CHLOROPHYLFORMULATION. CELL DIVISION HUMIC ACID is the important roll. In our HUMI+P 98% contents other ingredients like VITAMINS, PROTEINS, COMPOUND are in it. HUMIC ACID is the important roll. HUMIC ACID is easily absorbed by plant from their roots, stem or leaves or flowers and transferred to other parts of the plants. It increases the growth of the white roots in the soil and so increases the Percentage of oxygen in the plant which is very important roll in the PHTOSYNTHESIS. Due to HUMIC ACID leaves becomes naturally green, fruits size increases and maximum water is absorberd by plant. Ultimately HUMIC ACID increases the production and helps to grows the plant with healthy and fight against any disease. It is a combination of AMINO ACIDS, VITAMINS, PROTEINS COATED with HUMIC ACID. HUMIC ACID are naturally food for the plants. It also keeps the PH constant of the capacity of the earth due to granules. To dissolves 100gm granules in 1-1.5Ltr water for half Hrs with stirring then mixed it in required quantity of water for spray or by drip for all types of plants.

Available in: 10gm/100gm/250gm/500gm.



It contents naturally bioextract,and bio enzymes with nitrogen & patossium. It is totally organic l-cystine based product which is certified by bio-cert international as a is bio stimulent which increases weight and pulp of fruit .it improves the quality of crops ,fruit color,attractiveness ,keeping quality and remain fresh for a longer period after harvesting which is suitable for long distance transportation.


Charger Liquid

Liquid L-Cystine Amino Acid based Biostimulant

It produced from L-CYSTINE AMINO ACID. It contents naturally occurring PROTEINS, VITAMINS, AMINO ACIDS with CARBOZYLIC ACIDS. It is naturally stimulant. It induces flowering and reduces fruit drops Improves fruit size, quality and color. It gives drought resistance. It stimulates protein synthesis as it contains AMINO ACID, which are building blocks of living tissues. CHARGER can be used with Insecticides and Fungicides.

Available in: 100ml/250ml/500ml/1 ltr/5 ltr.

Don Super

Don Super

Organic Plant Tonic

It is protein bio-stimulating agent. It contains, different AMINO COMPOUND like GLYCINE, GLUTAMIC and L-CYSTENE. Plant are required CHLOROPHYL from CARBOHYDRATES. DON-SUPER converts CARBOHYDRATES in CHLOROPHYL from CARBOHYDRATES. DON-SUPER in CHLOROPHYL very fast by the natural process PHOTOSYNTHESIS. So, DON-SUPER is the energetic medicine for plants. It increases the cell division, with increase the flowering and fruit size. The ingredients in DON-SUPER absorb the macro nutrients from the soil. It is highly recommended for agriculture and horticulture crops like GRAPES, BANANA, POMEGRANATE, BER, MANGO, COTTON, CHILLIES, MELONS, VEGETABLES, STRAWBERRY.

Dosage: 2ml to 3ml per Litre of Water for drip irrigation. Available in: 250ml/500ml/1 ltr/5 ltr/10 ltr/20 ltr/50 ltr.

Soil Gold

Soil Gold

Bentonite granules are coated with Seaweed, Folic Acid, Humic Acid, Falvic Acid, Organic Nitrogen, Sulphur, Amino Acid, Bio Fungicides, and final coating of Humi+P 98% and the final product is SOIL GOLD.

SOIL GOLD is widely used in almost all crops in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Chhattisgarh States in India. It is mainly used in Vegetables, Floricultural & Horticultural crops, Cotton and Cereals including Paddy.

Advantages of Soil Gold:

It contains proteins, which is useful for plant growth & helps to increase the bacteria in the soil.

SOIL GOLD helps to grow the plant vigorously.

Enhances the nutrients Uptake.

It contains Bio-fungicides which helps the plant to resist the root diseases.

It increases the plant’s resistance power to drought, cold conditions and pest diseases, water logging and toppling.

Conditions the soil & improves soil structure & texture.

SOIL GOLD adds micronutrients to the soil.

SOIL GOLD converts existing micronutrients in the soil to Chelated form which significantly promotes better photosynthesis in the plant.

SOIL GOLD can mix with NPK fertilizers.

For all crops dose 10kg per Acre and for Cotton 2gm per plant.

Available in: Lorem ipsum

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